White Coat Anxieties

Let’s talk about Doctors.  Recently I called to schedule my yearly appointment with my Neurosurgeon to make sure my shunt is ok.  Nothing new, call the office, get an appointment easy you would think.  This year when I called the office and said I was a patient of Dr. Blank and was calling to make my yearly appointment for my shunt.  The receptionist was silent for a minute before saying, “Dr. Blank is leaving the practice. We can schedule you with Dr. Dash.”

That sucks! I had a really good relationship with Dr. Blank, he treated me as a member of my treatment team and our personalities just worked together. I had originally come to the practice seeing Dr. Dot, he was ok.  I had come in to the ER at one point with an infection and Dr. Blank was on call so he became my attending neurosurgeon.  He operated on me four times in total and he was awesome, really impressed me and my family with his bedside manner. True I am seen at a Children’s Hospital so you hope all the surgeons have a good bedside manner, but I mean considering I’m an adult at a Children’s Hospital he had an awesome bedside manner and I felt truly listened to and so did my family when they raised concerns. It is true I have not seen the other two docs when having an acute problem so I maybe a little biased as to why I like Dr. Blank so much.

When I started at the practice I asked to be referred to Dr. Dot because I had heard good things but personality wise it’s not really a fit, but it is good enough to see me through whatever comes next and I will see whoever is on call if I have an acute problem that brings me into the ER or whatever.  All the Doctors in the practice are good, I just am really going to miss Dr. Blank and this news comes on the heels of me finding out that my Neuro-Ophthalmologist was moving back to his home state for a better opportunity.  I had been seeing the NO for like five almost six years.  When he left I lost my “birthday buddy”, now I’m seeing a young NO who became a NO because of my previous one, which is totally awesome and I love her to death. I guess it’s easier to switch some docs (Primary and the like) because you aren’t constantly worried about them cutting you open.

I mean yeah getting a new Endocrinologist or Neurologist would be a bitch because I’m happy with what I have currently, the same goes for the rest of my team over the last ten years I have built a new team that is my team and I love them.  The thought of having to replace any one of them or having to see someone else in a practice is kind of daunting.

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