Three Months After My Hysterectomy

Wow! Has it really been three months since my Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy? It’s hard to believe it’s been that long! I’ve been on a roller-coaster for a bit, trying to get the meds right and trying to get my life back in order.  I told myself I’d post more regularly or write more when I felt up for it so I could at least upload something semi-regularly.

Working on Back and Leg Pain

I recently purchased a white board that I plan on using to help motivate myself and keep on task with writing.  I’ve also gotten busy since my birthday on the 28th of August with a promise to myself to get in better shape.  The past 3-ish weeks I’ve been going to Physical Therapy for lower back pain and some leg pain. Well, the leg pain is decreasing and the back pain is more centralized, which is apparently good.  I’ve also started some easy beginner yoga stuff I found on YouTube (I love yoga).  Walking is also another thing I’ve been doing a lot of, but only when my back and left leg will allow.  Being a young person trapped in a body that wants to act 50ish years older than it is REALLY (pardon my French) SUCKS!

Life Has Been So Much Better After Hysterectomy

After we bumped up my Premarin to 0.45 mg in July, life has been so much better. My mind has been clearer and I’ve had so much more energy. Another positive to note is my skin is less dry…or maybe that has something to do with my new moisturizer? Anyway, I’m back to feeling a little more normal and still not regretting my decision to have a hysterectomy —not suffering every day is amazing. No more excruciating, debilitating cramps is an answered prayer. I do still have “baby fever” like none other, but lucky for me I have friends with kids I can gush over.

Hydrocephalus If you remember, I mentioned my surgeon had cleaned up scar tissue from previous surgeries when he removed my “lady bits” during my hysterectomy. I think that has also impacted my hydrocephalus. My body is more readily absorbing the cerebrospinal fluid that travels down my shunt to my abdomen because the scar tissue is no longer in the way of that process. This affects the precious pressure balance between my abdomen and my head.

Following Up with Other Doctors

I’ve also started with my annual and semi-annual visits to various specialists.  I saw my PCP at the end of last month and talked to her about CBD oil to hopefully get me off anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and nausea medication, or at least lessen my use of the anxiety and nausea meds. I’m getting sick of all the pills.

I’m going to make sure my other docs don’t have a problem with it because it has helped! Also, I see my Endocrinologist in a couple months and need to talk to him about a supplement I read about. If he agrees with me to try it, the reviews make it sound like I may be able to get rid of two or three more meds.

Later this month I see my Neurosurgeon and he will hopefully agree to lower the pressure on my shunt valve; I’m having symptoms that suggest it needs to be lowered. After that, I see the Neurologist which will be quick and painless. Then I’m done for the month!  Then to finish the year’s appointments only to start again in January!

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