Alternative Pain Relief Solutions

Recently, I posted a short video on alternative pain relief solutions. I am writing this post in addition to that in hopes that someone will find relief!

Some of this is common sense, some of it you might have already heard of, but hopefully you may find something that helps!


1- Heating Pad-   Just turn it on and place it where it hurts. Warm heat is a wonderful natural pain relief solution. (Be sure to rotate sites and make sure the temperature isn’t too hot)

2- Epsom Salt Soaks-  Running a hot bath and soaking for 15-30 minutes in warm water with Epsom salt can soothe aches and relax you.

3-Magnesium Oil- Be sure to contact your healthcare practitioner before starting this treatment, especially if you have kidney issues. But this oil is proven to soothe muscle spasms, calm anxiety and help treat insomnia.

4- Ergonomic Pillows- A lot of muscle and joint pain can be alleviated when pressure is released. Ergonomic pillows help align our bodies and promotes healthy circulation.

5- Essential Oils- There are HUNDREDS of essential oil blends that are remedies for various issues. I highly recommend using essential oils. If you need any suggestions, feel free to message me or tune into the Weekday Wellness video on that topic (week 4). I do not sell them, but I am an aromatherapist and LOVE the relief I get from using oils.

6- Vaporizing Chest Rub- Not only is this product good for congestion, but it also can be used as a topical analgesic for aching muscles and pain.

7- Bath soaks infused with Essential oils- If you don’t like the Epson salts, there are many other versions of bath soaks that soothe pain. (Email me if you’d like suggestions)

8- Healing Movements- Stiff muscles can cause increased pain. A light stretch can help ease aches. (Week 2 video will be explaining some healing movements that chronic illness sufferers can easily do)

9- Guided Imagery/ Mind Body Synergy-  Sometimes when pain is high, all you can do is distract yourself. Guided imagery is a great way to keep your mind occupied and relaxed.

10- TENS Unit-  This has to be prescribed by a healthcare professional, but it is a great non-medicinal pain relief option!

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