Chronic Illness: How To Stay Entertained At Home

invisible illness nail art

Many chronic illness fighters are bedbound or have to stay indoors most of the time because their energy simply does not allow them to go out much.

When you have to stay home most of the time and you can not work, what are you supposed to do with yourself?

What to do at home?

There are several thing you can do at home. Things that do not use much energy and keep you entertained at the same time. Sounds good right?

Having to deal with a chronic illness does not mean you have to be bored.


Watch movies and series

You can watch movies and series on Netflix. Netflix is a global provider of streaming movies and TV series. You can find almost anything on there. Watch the latest movies or follow the latest series while laying in bed. You have to pay a monthly fee for Netflix.

If your budget does not allow a monthly fee there are always streaming websites online for free. The downside is that they usually have lots of popups and are sometimes very slow and need a lot of loading time.


Colouring pages

Did you know there are adult colouring books? There are many to be found on Amazon. Colouring can help you relax. It can calm anxiety and stress levels and is just a nice thing to pass the time. When your hands allow it of course! And in the end you even have something nice to show for it.


There are many ways to craft. You can knit, crochet, sew, make jewelry, and many more! The possibilities are endless. All these things can be very low cost and will keep you busy for hours! Again you will have something nice to show for in the end.

When you want to make jewelry for example you can find nice beads like these on Amazon


This sounds hardbut there are many ways to make simple nailart. It takes hours, requires a lot of concentration and is a perfect way to stay busy.

Nail polish is cheap and you can draw the images with toothpicks if you do not have the budget to get the official dotting tools.

Here are some easy nail art desings.

chronic illness nail art chronic pain nail art


invisible illness nail art

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