Stuck at home? 12 tips to not go stir crazy

Many coutries around the world are ordering their citizens to stay home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many people have never been homebound and have no idea what they are supposed to do now.

This is a Facebook post my friend Ami wrote, and I wanted to share it here for all of you to see.

What to do when you’re stuck at home

Stuck at home? Already going stir crazy? I can help with that.
All y’all freaking out about self isolating and being stuck at home 24/7: welcome to my world. This has been my life for the past 9 years. Maybe after the crisis is over, more of y’all will come visit me, more often? (Riiiiiight)

12 tips so you don’t go crazy at home


•If you have a yard, get a comfy chair and shade and Enjoy it! Being outdoors, helps to make being home feel less confining. Even the simplest things like watching anoles, squirrels, birds, bugs, clouds, etc. Seeing their freedom to move and run is joyous.

•Start a garden! Digging in the dirt helps to get frustration out, while creating something beautiful, or food to eat is satisfying as all hell.

•Get CRAFTY! Always wanted to learn how to create something? Now you can YouTube ALL THE VIDEOS on how to do something you have always wanted to do! Order or brave the stores for things you need (make sure to disinfect yourself and items) and get crazy!

•play with your animals. This passes the time in ways that you both get joy out of!

•Time to PURGE! This is a great time to finally tackle that closet, spare room, or your whole house. Get items ready to donate or box away for a garage sale once the pandemic passes.

•Spring clean! I mean… it is about that time anyway, right? Get into those crevices you normally gloss over, because of whatever reason.

•Binge watch shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on. In this day and age, there are tons of streaming services to choose from.

•Read! This speaks for itself. There are tons of worlds out there to immerse yourself in.

•Too lonely? Time to make some calls! Interact via whatever app you want for video calls, texting, actual *gasp!* phone calls, etc. I bet your family would love to hear from you.

•Nap! Now you can catch up on some much needed sleep.

•Meal plan! Made a few big batches of food and separate to freeze for later consumption. Also, you can do this and see if any of your friends/family are in need of some help, regarding mealtimes.

•Pamper yourself! Indulge in that bubble bath with candles and whatever you want to relax! Paint your nails. Learn and experiment with different hair/makeup etc. Just have fun!

I think that is it, for now. I can’t always do a lot of these things, but I think you all will enjoy it!


Ami has been disabled for six years with DDD, herniated and bulged discs, spinal stenosis, severe spinal arthritis, and severe sciatica.

She also has PCOSEndo, kidney disease, pleurisy, open heart surgery, COPD, PTSD, Carpal Tunnel, and manic depression. Creating this photo took a weeks worth of spoons away from her, but she wanted to showcase her passion. She was a Fire Performer, prior to becoming too disabled to do it any further.

Ami  is admin of the Unchargeables support group.

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