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Spoonie Representatives

If you need help from a fellow spoonie in your own country you can contact the follow spoonie representatives. NOTE: these are not medicial professionals, just people with real life experiences who are willing to voluntarily help you.


The representatives are here to answer questions like: How do I apply for disability? Who are the good doctors in my area? Where can I get cheap/good equipment like shower stools, canes, wheelchairs, etc.



California: Brenna – alphabrenna@gmail.com

Maine: Marc Smith – fibroman@activist.com – Marc’s Facebook

Michigan: Kate Dekoski – kdekoski@my.madonna.edu – Kate’s Facebook

Michigan – Grand Rapids: Elyse Garett – garette@mail.gvsu.edu – Elyse’s Facebook

Pensylvania: Katherine Magee – ladymagee@verizon.net – Katherine’s Facebook

Virginia: Katherine Magee – ladymagee@verizon.net – Katherine’s Facebook

Washington: Mantha Powers – mantha1624@gmail.com – Mantha’s Facebook





Annemieke Huisman – anne70nl@gmail.com


Cannabis questions:

Marc Smith – fibroman@activist.com