Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

My soul bleeds rivers of fire,
Fighting morning, noon, and night
My body begins to tire
Of the pain and fright.

There is only so much I can handle
I am getting slow and weak
Nothing left but a nub of a candle
To light the words I speak

Who will be the witness to tell
The old me dead and gone
My body and soul an empty shell
Flash fire and smoke in the morning dawn

Ashes scattered along the ground
Tears of life slide free
Winds gently kiss the mound
No longer here to see

A small spark of golden flame
Prayers and love
Whispers of a warrior name
A soul reborn on the wings from above

phoenix rising

Flames rising in the night
Body battered and broken
Rising above the land a beautiful sight
The warrior takes its stand not a word spoken

No longer the same
Dead and gone is the past
A spirit born of smoke and flame
A future that is already cast

Warrior stands tall with a battle cry
Ready to carry on the fight
Arms thrown to the sky
Such a fierce sight

Born of smoke and fire carrying the burden of the past
Warrior strides into the future with little fear
Battles will come hard and fast
Leaving scars to bear

The warrior’s first and only words to be
Whispered across the battlefield and carried on the wind
“Watch me”
The only message the warrior will ever send.


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