Permission to Pout

Anyone who has a chronic illness will tell you that it sucks. Often on the UnChargeables site, the other admins and I post funny memes about the challenges we face. We try to handle our lives with the best attitudes possible. I typically try to “make light” of my limitations.

But the truth is- Chronic Illness isn’t funny. It took the life I wanted away from me. I was supposed to be this powerful, successful medical person…healing and saving the world…..and now at 25 years old I am unable to work or drive.

The independent woman inside me even hates to see those words typed on the screen.

This being said, when chronic illness changes your life does that give us permission to pout?

Sadness is a human emotion. Regret is a natural feeling. Guilt is a constant factor lingering in the minds of the chronically ill.

Is it ever okay to let yourself have a pity party?

Contrary to popular belief, I say yes.  (GASP!    Yes…I’ll explain why in a moment)

I had one of these pity parties yesterday. I have been battling my usual fun symptoms with my kidney stones and addison’s disease…but somehow developed an active case of the shingles. Yesterday my pain was overwhelming. I was also hungry and just in a bad mood.

I usually try to be one of these “zen warriors.”  I try to  just swallow the pain and stress and put on a happy face. But I didn’t have the energy or the will to fake a smile.

I let myself cry. I let myself feel all the negative emotions.

I admitted I wasn’t the invincible warrior I try so hard to be.

And then I let it go.

I had a good cry, took a bubble bath and ordered a gluten free pizza.

I gave myself permission to pout.

I think everyone should, once in a while.

Bottling up emotions, grief and pain will only inhibit your health. Feeling emotions is necessary step in healing.

Have the pity party, just don’t attend it every night.

Feel the emotions, then let them go.



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