How Mindy’s Fibromyalgia Is Affected By Stress



My name is Mindy.   I am 58 years old and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia five years ago.  I said that I would be happy to write to my fellow Spoonies about some of my experiences during this journey called life.  I just didn’t know it would happen so soon.

Life Hits…

Do you know the nightmare we all have?  Where you get THAT phone call?  The  one with bad news.  And then the Adrenalin starts pumping and you go into high energy mode?

Well I got one of those calls.  My mother, with whom I am very close, had a stroke.  We jumped into the car and rushed to the hospital.  Mom has since made a full recovery, but that first day and on late into that night at the hospital, were awful.  I admit I have never been so scared.

Fibro Reacts…

     After mom’s recovery, all seemed right with the world again.  But THAT is when the Fibro Monster invaded my body.  It was like I was inside a pin ball machine.  The spring-loaded plunger pulled back,  released,  and the ball went wild.  BING, my neck was hit.  RING, my hands were hit.  DING DING, my skin was on fire.   You get the drift.  So my body was now going crazy with pain.  But I was also SOOO tired, that the fatigue, which is my usual issue, had become crushing.  It took me over two weeks for my body to calm down and find its way out of the pinball machine.

Life Lesson…

     As you all know, stress can sideline us.  But MAJOR stressors, can keep us glued to our beds for weeks.  All I could do was wait it out.  And that is what I am trying to share with you.  Sometimes, when a stressful trauma occurs in your life, your body can and will react badly.  All you can do is wait it out.  Be patient. Be kind to yourself.  And take the time needed to heal.

Love and Peace, Mindy

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