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Medical Information Disclaimer

1. Informational – Hold Harmless Indenture

1.1 Our website contains general medical information that is limited to informational purposes only.
1.2 The medical information is not advice and should not be treated as such, as outlined below the parties in ownership of “The Unchargeables” take no responsibility for the actions of the general populace in their use of the information obtained through our communication channels. This document allows for any and all entities to hold harmless the above stated party in the event that any damage, illness, or change in medical treatment were made as a result of anything seen here or in any other affiliated capacity.

2. Liabilities Disclosure

2.1 The Unchargeables’s website is meant to be purely information and for connection and support purposes as is any other channel the entity described uses to communicate information or have free discussion/distribute materials. Any staff, volunteers, or public users are not medical professionals and the information listed here is not intended to be of medical use. It is not an implied or listed implication that you should hope for medical results from any treatments, medications, therapies, or any other remedies discussed or presented here. This includes any communication with staff, volunteers, or any users of information transfer methods associated with the entity. Messaging systems, real time response systems, e-mail, or any other form of communication is used by the entity and will also be held harmless in this event. Those forms of communication should not be considered a substitute for any medical professional opinions as that is implicitly not their intent.

3. Medical Information Disclosure

3.1 The information in any outlet put forth by the entity listed is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. Any users shall also hold harmless the entity of any wrongdoing if this is not followed. The entity should never be considered an alternative to your healthcare provider and as such if you want to consider a new treatment plan you should speak with your provider or healthcare professional.
3.2 If you are in an emergency situation this entity is not an alternative to Emergency Medical care, any individuals should seek immediate attention or call 9-1-1.
3.3 Parties will also hold harmless the entity and understand that you should never cease a therapy, medication, treatment, or diet that has been instructed to you by a health care professional or Doctor based on the information you see here or in any capacity of association.

4. Legal Limitations – Circumvention

This document does not allow for the circumvention of law, nor does it allow exclusions for full liability. The entity is held harmless by anything it is not legally responsible for, or not outlined in the document to be determined by a court of law in the United States.