Living with extreme fatigue? These 11 memes are made for you

Extreme fatigue is no joke. It’s much more than just being tired. It’s the bone tired, I can’t take it anymore kinf of fatigue. These 11 memes may help you explain it to other people.

This meme explaines exaclty how I feel every single day. The little monster is called Snore, he is one of the Chargimals. Snore represents extreme fatigue. Find out more about the Chargimals here

Share this with your friends and family, because it is definitely not for the weak
and then some…
some days I’ve only got 1% energy to get through the day
Which mood are you in today?

A normal healthy amount of sleep is 8 hours they say. That’s not nearly enough for me. I really need 9 hours and sometimes even that is not enough.

But then when I take a nap and wake up 12 hours later I wonder, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

To be honest, I don’t get out of bed every single day…

hahaha me every day

Sometimes no amount of sleep is sufficient.

Are you a Chargie?

2 Replies to “Living with extreme fatigue? These 11 memes are made for you”

  1. I love this article!! I have fibromyalgia but I was diagnosed earlier this year with severe Central Sleep apnea. It wasn’t normal that I kept falling asleep as I was driving on the freeway. I had 140+ episodes per hour during my two sleep studies. I’m still waiting on a machine to help me breathe!! I’ve been passed around from doctor to doctor which has been even more exhausting. Until you’ve felt the weight of extreme fatigue, you will never really know what it feels like to be tired.

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