Listening to the Voices

There are a lot of voices that we hear throughout our lives. Voices that will speak words of joy, sadness, humor, encouragement, knowledge, frustration and various other things. We have the choice to decide which voices to listen to.

Recently, I was telling someone in my life about my progress in physical therapy. Since my surgery, I have fought an uphill battle and have struggled to regain motor skills and to walk. I have had some slight success since starting physical therapy. I am able to walk for very short distances now. I hope that within  a few months, walking will become a simple task. I poured my heart out to this person. I shared my joy and opened my heart, to which they replied, “You realize this isn’t an accomplishment right? Normal people get up and walk without a second thought. In fact, what’s sad is that you’re so ill now that you even consider being able to walk a few feet an accomplishment. It is not. Walking is normal human function.”

My heart was immediately crushed by their words. All the hours I had spent exercising my weak muscles, fighting back tears, gritting my teeth and pushing through were only to achieve what normal people can do easily. All of the sudden, I felt like I had achieved nothing. I felt small, I felt sick, I felt worthless.

But why?   Because I was listening to a voice that spoke negativity.

This person clearly had no understanding of how hard it was for the chronically ill. My little victory meant the world to me. Yes, normal people walk without  a second thought but that doesn’t take away from how hard I have strived to live again.

I will absolutely live again. I will walk again. I will get my life back, regardless of what the negative voices may say.

What lesson did I learn from this?

Some people have zero compassion or understanding. They speak words of negativity, hate and anger. These people will say anything to bring another person down.

You do not have to listen to these voices!

Cling to those voices that speak words of life, love and hope. Those are the voices that will cheer you on into your own victory.

No matter what you are facing, don’t let any voices tear you down.

Don’t let the voice in your head become your enemy either.

You are a warrior. You are strong. You can do ANYTHING!

Listen to the good voices and tell the bad ones to SHUT UP!

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