Linda’s Poems: Whiskey Whispers

Whiskey Whispers

The color of honey and the sirens call
With the first sip the lies fall
The drink whispers to me
Drink more I will set you free.

whiskey whispers

Whispering it’s sweet lies
My give a damn slowly dies
You will feel no more pain
The world is yours to gain.

Another sip another drink
Will power falls down the sink
Whiskey whispered breath gently in my ear
You will feel no more fear.

Straight from the bottle the lies pour
Glugging down even more
Whispers seem so loud now in my head
Maybe you would be better off dead.

Whiskey sours, whiskey neat
Whiskey knocks you off your feet
Whispering all the time
Emotions flip on a dime.

Whiskey tears
Filled with fears
Whiskey anger let fly
Whispering die, die ,die!

The end is near
Whiskey whispers are harder to hear
As sunlight hits my eyes
I have survived another of whiskey’s lies.

A new day, a new try
Fighting against whiskey’s whispered lie
Day by day, night by night
Vows given to never give up the fight.

I hear the whispers on the bad days
Whiskey’s seductive sweet words and the traps it lays
Fears of falling into the deadly pattern once more
Rock my faith in me to the core.

I reach out for a helping hand
Praying a warrior will help me stand
Stronger when together we fight
Whiskey’s whispered lies can not withstand our might.

March 23, 2016

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