Is CBD the magic cure we have been looking for?

CBD – it supposedly cures everything, if you believe all the stories that go around. I wanted to know more about this magic that is CBD. There is so much to find online though, where to start?

Right in the middle of my search a company quanta reached out to me, with the question if we wanted to test their products out. I was super excited, because I was already researching where to find good CBD products. This came at exactly the right time!

They sent us CBD muscle rubs and CBD vape pens so I, my family and friends could test them out. We all have different issues and use them in various ways, here are our findings. Spoiler alert: we were pleasantly surprised!

Does CBD help with herpes pain?

Lida (61) has had herpes ever since she was very young. When the herpes on her back acts up her glands and chest hurt. She started using the CBD muscle rub, which smells very nice, probably because it also contains peppermint, and lavender oil.

She put the CBD rub on her chest and ribs, where it hurts the most. After 5 minutes the pain starts to slowly go away. Putting the rub on 2 – 3 times per day is enough to make the pain go away the entire day!

Fibromyalgia and inflamed hip, does CBD do the trick?

I am Natalie (36) and have Fibromyalgia amongst many other issues. Right now my hip and pelvis are very inflamed. The pain travels all the way up my back to my shoulder blade, and all the way down to my knee. The inflammation is quite severe, in the beginning nothing seemed to help at all.

When the inflammation was at its worst the didn’t help enough. The pain went down for about 20 minutes until it came back in full force again. I do believe it would’ve worked would the rub have been stronger.

When the inflammation started to go down however, after the first week, the rub actually helped a lot! Especially against the pain. By putting the rub onto all the painful areas three to four times a day, I could keep the pain almost completely away.

I always have inflamed joints, nerve and muscle aches. This rub calms the inflammation down, and eases the pain for me. When applied the area gets a little warm after a couple of minutes. Make sure to wash your hands! I rubbed it in my eyes one day, and do not recommend this.

Is CBD as effective as cannabis?

Tracie (42): “With both Fibromyalgia and CRPS, I experience pain and inflammation on a daily basis. My CRPS is located in my ankle where I have reconstructive plates and screws, and it’s very painful to apply most cremes and lotions. However, because of the consistency of this rub, I can apply it without causing additional pain. I’ve also found that the rub helps the pain quite a bit, on a pretty consistent basis, and it helps with my inflammation about 75% of the time.“

“I’ve used many forms of cannabis to help control my pain, as well as other symptoms such as anxiety, racing thoughts, sleep issues, and irritability. I’ve found that cannabis, in general, works very well for me. However, with the CBD vape, I usually take 5-6 hits, and have found that the positive effects from it can be felt within about 5-10 minutes. Small dosing throughout the day helps to keep my systems tolerable, and me more functional.”

Trying out CBD vaping for diabetes

Alvaro (33): “I have had diabetes for 8 years now. It is very hard to get my glucose level balanced. Normally I have muscle pain and my mind is racing. I worry about a lot of things and my body feels nervous. When I use the cbd vape pen. With just 3 – 4 hits I already notice the difference, within 5 minutes I feel my pain lessen, my mind calms down and my whole body calms down.

I recommend using this because it doesn’t affect your mind in a bad way, I can get through the day better and with less pain and do my daily tasks.”

Is it the magic cure?

In conclusion, CBD is not the magic cure for everything. But it does help an awful lot! Whether you prefer using the muscle rub or the vape pen or both, these CBD products really help soothe widespread pain and inflammation, and even calms your mind. We are all very please with the results it has given us.

Obviously these products do not replace medicine, or medical advice from an MD. We do recommend adding it to your arsenal of health supplies.

You can get the CBD muscle rub here and the CBD vape pen here. Use the code “Chargie” to get 20% off your order (add the code on the last step of the checkout process.)

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