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Why Give Spoonies For Life Financial Support

Thank you so much for becoming part of our Spoonies community! Spoonies for Life is here to support all of us with invisible illnesses – we’re not medical professionals but being in the same boat means we can all help to share each other’s burdens.
The Spoonies for Life community is, and will always be, free to use.

Why should you give Spoonies For Life financial support?


MacKenzie happy with her spoons

Firstly, there are direct costs involved in running Spoonies for Life, which I currently pay out of pocket. Developing and hosting the website is one very obvious cost. I will always donate the time it takes to do this, but the financial side is a struggle to bear, especially since my own “Spoonie status” makes it almost impossible to earn a regular income.

More importantly, I would love for the community to be able to do more to support its members.

Let me tell you about McKenzie. McKenzie is 15 years old, and to help lift her spirits after a severe bout of illness, her mum asked if we would send her spoons as a sign of our support. Mckenzie received spoons from all over the world! Unfortunately, many community members simply couldn’t afford the postage. I would love to be able to help out in situations like this.

Here’s another example. When the Spoonies community decided that we should have our own ribbon to symbolize our struggle, an amazing lady called Katherine ordered 300 newly designed ribbons, to be distributed as gifts to community members. Katherine paid for this out of her own pocket and didn’t ask for a penny … but it would be wonderful if we could repay her kindness and that of dozens of others who have made similar gestures.


Spoonies for Life is not a short-term project. It is my goal (my passion) to make this the most successful support group of its kind and to offer hope and a caring smile to sufferers of invisible illnesses all over the world.

Whatever time and effort it takes to make that goal a reality I will gladly commit … and anything you can do to help me (and by doing so, help your fellow Spoonies) would be appreciated more than words can say!

Thank you in advance for your kind and generous donation!

(minimum donation is $1 – $1,00-USD means $1)

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