Everyone has a story

Everyone has a story.  Some people’s stories are full of challenges and despair, other people seem to coast along from one success to another with no hardships what-so-ever.  Still other people have stories of triumph where they pull themselves up from the pit of despair and make find their story book ending.

My life has been an interesting one and I would like to take the time now to share with you my story.  I do not pretend to be an expert on anything but my life and it is my hope that through sharing my story with you that I may help you.


Around the time I turned 14 my mom was diagnosed with Brain Cancer it’s around that time that I started to irregular periods, at 15 I started noticing dark hairs on my face.  To be clear I was a just a little freaked out but despite my confiding in my dad and stating I wanted to find out what was wrong my worries where pushed aside and life continued.  When I was 15 I also had a back surgery that had me laid up for a while and because of inactivity and stress from my mom I lost control of my weight.  Little did I know this was all connected and it wasn’t just the steroids I had been prescribed.  Finally, at age 24 I was diagnosed with PCOS! What was wrong with my body had a name, there was a reason I had trouble dropping the weight I had gained.  Then treatment was started finally. A year later I started experiencing depression which they say can be linked to depression, though I believe it is because of all the losses I have been faced with; my mom at 16, the use of my left side at 19, the loss of a close friends father at 21, and the loss of a close furry friend at 22.  Then a few months later after a failed try by my neurologist to get my chronic headaches under control I started experiencing anxiety.

Here we are several months later and I am on several meds for the PCOS, one for Depression, one for Anxiety and working on getting a competent pain management doctor even though my chronic headaches are somewhat under control thanks to my Neurosurgical team at Children’s Hospital of Michigan.


This article is written by Kate Dekoski


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