Book Review- The Watcher’s Series

With chronic illness, sometimes we don’t have the ability to travel and do things we wish we could. But, the beautiful part about reading is that it can take you to a place far away, without you ever having to leave your front door. Reading allows you to explore any topic, visit any land and feel various emotions from the comfort of your own home.

Here at the UnChargeables, we will be doing a series of book reviews to showcase some literary treasures we’ve discovered.

Sometimes with chronic pain and devastating fatigue, we need a distraction. One of the best ways to do this is to curl up with a good book.

The Watcher’s Series by S.J West is a fantastic book series that takes readers on a supernatural journey with humor and courage.

The story begins when Lilly Nightingale experiences many brushes with death. It seemed like something supernatural was out to get her. Her odd experiences lead her to discover the unique purpose her life holds.

Along the way, she meets the man of her dreams- Brandon Cole. But his presence in her life brings her to a destiny far beyond her imagination.

This book series is a must read. The characters come to life and the world S.J West has created is sure to provide a welcome escape from reality.

I highly recommend you read it. It can be found on amazon kindle for just 99cents!

She also has tons of other books and her work is vibrant and entertaining.

To check out her series click here—->

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