Book Review- Mediwonderland Book Series

With chronic illness, sometimes we don’t have the ability to travel and do things we wish we could. But, the beautiful part about reading is that it can take you to a place far away, without you ever having to leave your front door. Reading allows you to explore any topic, visit any land and feel various emotions from the comfort of your own home.

Here at the UnChargeables, we will be doing a series of book reviews to showcase some literary treasures we’ve discovered.

This is Wendy, she is the author of the Mediwonderland Book Series. Her writing journey began when her daughter, Katie began having health issues. At 8 years old, Katie endured many invasive procedures such as a bone marrow biopsy and a splenectomy. She saw the fear her daughter had and sought to find a calming way to explain the scary procedures to her. This is where the idea for the “Mediwonderland Series” was born.

Wendy has since published over a hundred titles that explain various health procedures in a way that young minds can understand.

Wendy struggles with her own health, as she has been diagnosed many health issues such as Ehler-Danlos and Adrenal Insufficiency. Though she is 80% bedridden, she continues to write books to help chronically ill children.

Above is an example of one of her lovely books.

This series aims to make medical procedures less frightening for children all around the world. It will address everything from simple medical procedures to illnesses, and also situations such as bullying, abuse and psychological issues such as PTSD. Children see things very differently than adults and the simplest of tests can be very frightening.    Wendy Explains.

As an adult with chronic illness, I couldn’t imagine fighting disease as a young child. This series is a true resource to parents and family members of sick children.

Wendy has created a tool for parents to make a scary experience a little easier.

Kudos to you, Wendy. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

To read more of this series click here—>

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