The Tale of the Missing Ice Cream with The Chargimals: Chiarisaurus, Migrainopod, Depresosaur, Anxieton, and Misdiagnosaur

chargimals, chiari malformation, depression, anxiety, migraine, missed diagnosis

One bright and sunny afternoon Chiarisaurus, or Zippy, as his friends called him, and Migrainopod, Pod for short, went to the grocery store together. As they walked down the first isle Zippy started to feel really bad. His head started hurting and he got super dizzy. His vision started to get foggy and he told Pod he needed to sit down. Pod understood because sudden and severe headaches happened to Zippy a lot. So they sat down together right between the juice and water in the beverage isle. Pod didn’t care if it was socially unacceptable to sit down in the middle of a grocery store or not. He just wanted to make sure his friend was okay and do whatever he could to help.

chargimals, chiari malformation, migraine, anxiety, depression, missed diagnosis

Pod asked Zippy, “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

“I would like some ice cream. That would help my head feel better.” Zippy said.

“You got it!” So Pod walked a few isles over to pick out a pint of ice cream, but there was no ice cream in the freezer. He walked around the whole store and saw that there was no ice cream anywhere. He went back over to Zippy and sat down beside him.

“There is no ice cream. It’s all gone.” Pod explained. “I don’t know what to do. What do you think?”

chargimals, depression, anxiety, migraine, chiari malformation, missed diagnosis

Zippy thought about it and said, “This sounds like a mystery that needs solving. But first I need a nap to help my head feel better.” So Pod helped Zippy up and they slowly walked out of the store eagerly chatting about who they could call to help them solve this mystery. On the way home Zippy said, “I think we should call Depresosaur. He’s always good in a crisis.”

“But when you play with D, Anxieton always has to come along. Sometimes she makes everything so scary and talks about all the things that could go wrong. She’s so anxious” Pod reminded Zippy.

“I know”, said Zippy, “and D is depressed but they are our friends and they’ll want to help us. What about Missy? Let’s call her too.”
“Missy can be so frustrating. She confuses me, but you’re right. We can definitely call her too.” Pod agreed. And they went home to rest and call their friends.

Once they got back home Zippy laid down to nap because his head still hurt. Meanwhile, Pod called D and explained to him the plan to solve the mystery of the missing ice cream.

“I don’t know, I’m so tired. I don’t want to get out of bed. You know we might not find the ice cream. I’m going to have to talk to Annie. I can’t do anything without her. If she wants to do it then maybe I’ll help. I’m just so depressed.” D complained.

“I know you are tired and sad, but Zippy really needs some ice cream. He has another bad Chiari headache and he said ice cream will make him feel better. Please help. It’s okay if Annie comes with you. We want her to help too.” Pleaded Pod.

After a brief minute, D conceded, “Oh, okay. I’ll get Annie and we’ll come right over to help. Anything for Zippy.”

chargimals, anxiety, depression, chiari malformation, migraines

Pod was so thankful that D and Annie were going to help find the ice cream for Zippy. He just wanted to help his friend feel better. He knows how bad Zippy’s Chiari headaches are and that not much can be done to relieve the pain and other symptoms they cause. If Zippy wanted ice cream then he was going to find that ice cream.

Pod decided to call Missy next. She was frustrating but he felt like she could help them if she would cooperate. “Yes, I’ll help. Wait, no I can’t. Something has come up. I don’t know. Maybe I can. I’m not sure.” Missy told Pod after he explained what was going on. Misdiagnosaur was always vague and no one ever quite new exactly what was going on with her.

“Missy, this is to help Zippy. Please come over and help us find the ice cream. We all just want to help him feel better.” Pod persisted.

“I can’t. I can’t tell you why either so don’t ask.” Missy finally said and that was the end of the conversation. It was all very confusing. It always was with Misdiagnosaur.

Pod shook his head and mumbled to himself about how Missy was so incredibly frustrating. Now he was even more confused but he had an idea. He went to talk to Zippy who was finally up from his nap.

“How are you feeling Zippy?” Pod asked.

“I feel a little better but I could really use some ice cream. Have you talked to anyone? Are they going to help us?”

“I did. D and Annie are on their way over now. Missy is being Missy, but I have an idea.” And with that the doorbell rang and it was Depresosaur and Anxieton.

All four Chargimals sat down and talked. Pod told them about his idea and they all agreed that the first thing they would do is go over to Missy’s and try talking to her again. Zippy was still not feeling very well but he gathered the strength to go along. He knew dealing with Missy would be hard, but he also knew he really wanted that ice cream and hoped they would be able to find it.

The Chargimals went to Missy’s and knocked on the door. When she opened the door she was holding a pint of ice cream in one hand and a spoon in the other and she clearly had ice cream in her mouth. She swallowed hard and looked at them knowing she was caught. Pod’s suspicions were confirmed. Misdiagnosaur took all the ice cream.

“Missy! Do you have all the ice cream?” Zippy asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe. No. I might. Perhaps I do.” Missy was so confusing. Of course she had the ice cream. She was standing there eating it!

“I have a Chiari headache, Missy. May I please have some ice cream so I can feel better?” Zippy asked politely even though he was really kind of mad at her for taking all the ice cream and not saying anything to Pod when he called her.

“I guess so. Come on in everyone. Let’s all have some ice cream.” Misdiagnosaur said and stepped back so they could all come inside.

chargimals, chiari malformation, depression, anxiety, migraine, missed diagnosis

The Chargimals sat down and all enjoyed some ice cream together. The mystery was solved and Zippy started to feel much better. He got his ice cream and he had great friends that would do everything they could to help him through the tough times he faced dealing with Chiari Malformation. He felt very lucky to have them and he couldn’t wait for their next adventure.