The Ultimate Chronic Illness Playlist

The Ultimate Chronic Illness Playlist

Music is one of the most powerful influences in the world today. It has the power to express every single emotion known to man. Below is a comprehensive list of the Ultimate Chronic Illness playlist, perfect for every mood, emotion and situation you might face.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” -Victor Hugo

When you need a battle cry -Angels Fall, Breaking Benjamin

When you need to appreciate life- Great day to be alive, Travis Tritt

When you need to accept things- Had Enough of this, Lifehouse

When you feel like you’re not getting ahead in life- Peace of Mind, Boston

When you need a happy, whiny song- Bird with a broken wing, Owl City

When you need to mentally party – Pitbull/Akon, Shut it down

When you need a song about a fresh start- A new day, Celine Dion

When you need to be thankful for another day of life- Good To Be Alive, Jason Gray

When you feel like sailing away- Orinoco Flow, Enya

When you need to feel free- Baba O’Riley, The Who

When you need to feel better (Mind over Matter song)- Feeling Alright, Huey Lewis

When you just need to feel like a rockstar- Back in Black, AC/DC

When you need to feel dark and dominant, Toccota and Fugue in D minor, Bach

When you need to fall apart- Pieces, Rob Thomas

When you need to let go- All in, TobyMac

When everyone is driving you crazy- Circus for a Psycho, Skillet

When you need a melancholy anthem- Far from home, Five Finger Death Punch

When things aren’t they way they are supposed to be- The Walk, Imogen Heap

When you just want to drive away- Fast Car, Tracy Chapman

When you need to stand up for yourself- Get off my back, Bryan Adams

When you need some pep in your step- Matthew Wilder, Break my stride

Hopefully this playlist will get you through some rough moments!! Stay strong spoonies!

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