Don’t Go There


Traveling can be a challenge with a chronic illness. Even the most wonderful of destinations can become a difficult obstacle if our symptoms act up. Some of us have opted to leave our wandering days behind and simply watch the travel channel. But the concept of going places is still a necessary part of life.  As we all know, there are a lot of places we don’t want to visit.  The road to despair is a place none of us need to visit.

The road to despair typically starts in our own minds. Negative thoughts tend to take us on a guilt trip down misery lane.

Sometimes we have to adopt the mental chant “Don’t go there.”

Thoughts of our former lives before our illnesses can overtake us.

“Remember when” can be the most bittersweet sentence we ever utter.

Thoughts of our pre-illness self can bring us joy but can also bring us pain.

There is nothing wrong with remembering good times. But when the thoughts of your past become a ticket to depression, it is time to derail from the memory lane train.

Remember when I was healthy and worked?


Remember when I was thin and without all my scars?


We have to look to the future.

Though we may face diseases and pain, we are still alive.

Adopting a mantra that keeps you from going into bad memories is essential to keeping your sanity when you battle a chronic illness.

Whenever we feel ourselves longing for the past, we have to remind ourselves to stay in the moment.

Our lives may have changed but they aren’t over.

When you are tempted to take a guilt trip, just remind yourself DON’T GO THERE!

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