10 Ways to Relax

Relaxing is a necessary part of managing chronic illness.  With our busy lives, sometimes it is difficult to find ways to settle down.


Here are ten ways to relax!


1- Take advantage of nature. Soak up the sunshine, listen to the rain, feel the wind.  Whatever the weather is;  Open a window and get some fresh air.

2- Listen to a happy song.   (Examples of songs for every mood here Ultimate Chronic Illness Playlist  )

3- Focus on a happy memory. You may be stuck at work, but you can always go to a happy place in your mind. Think about a wonderful experience you’ve had in your life.

4- Take a hot bath. Epson salt soaks are amazing for relaxation and can aid in pain relief.

5- Watch a funny movie or TV show. A little distraction can help you relax!

6- Spend time with a loved one. A few hours with your best friend can make the world look a whole lot brighter.

7- Take some time to indulge yourself.   Put on your favorite comfy clothes, drink some warm tea,  put some make up on- anything to pamper yourself.

8- Read a good book. You can always escape to another world with literature.

9- Snuggle with your partner.  Hugs release the chemical oxytocin, which aids in stress regulation and can lower pain levels as well.  Don’t have  partner? Single?  Cuddling with a pet can reduce stress too. Grab that cute little dog or cat of yours and curl up on the couch!

10-  Singing or dancing.  Even if you have zero talent- these are great ways to reduce anxiety and to boost your mood.

If you are not physically able to dance, singing can lift your spirits!  Like the disney princesses- sometimes it’s fun to sing a long with whatever you are doing!

If you are able to dance- EVERYBODY LOVES the MACARENA! 🙂


I hope some of these tips help you relax.

Wishing everyone hope & healing  <3

Love, Win

To read more you can click here Winslow E. Dixon

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